Our Work

As you review the scope and breadth of work Middle Canyon can provide, we’ve provided a quick resume of our work that will help prospective partners understand the experience and success the our staff have enjoyed over the years. We hope you take note of a few specialties: Sales Growth – No organization can grow without sustained and creative sales effort. Strategic Partnerships – It’s not just enough to sell. You have to know and engage the ecosystem to ensure success. Technological Expertise – At the end of the day, program managers are looking for game-changing technology; We understand the technology, the market and how to leverage both getting designs to market.


  • Merged Emtech with Sanblaze
  • Grew sales 100% first year
  • Won major programs with Navy, Air Force and Marines
  • Created a systems business out of a board business
  • Built up OEM business with major ATCA players Emerson and Radisys


  • Founded as a manufacturers representation company
  • Grew to include integration and manufacturing divisions
  • Grew to 15 Million in sales; 3 Million in integration
  • Won major program with Navy 20 Million over 3-4yrs
  • Sold To SANBlaze


  • Sold to CGMupac
  • Developed and implemented an enabling technologies product and market strategy
  • Set up sales channel and major accounts program
  • Negotiated exclusive distribution agreement with NMS Communications
  • Took sales from $1.6 million to $16.2 million in two years


  • Major accounts program development and implementation
  • Developed channel sales strategy to offload “C” account business, allowing sales force to focus on “A” and “B” accounts
  • Major accounts included Lucent Technologies, Motorola CIG, Northern Telecom, Tellabs, Bay Networks, Alcatel and Ericsson
  • Business development plan of $200 million


  • Positioned the Company for sale to Motorola Computer Group
  • Acquired sales contracts and blanket purchase orders that put the Company’s revenues at $20 million rate in new products while maintaining current base business
  • Increased sales 20% the first year, utilizing existing products, by organizing sales focus and market penetration
  • Created a marketing plan developing the corporate image of Prolog as the world leader in CompactPCI
  • Developed industrial and telecom business units with independent marketing and sales components, each targeting 20 major accounts


  • Reorganized sales force
  • Increased revenues from $8.8 million to $56 million
  • Developed and implemented a value-added resellers program
  • Created a commission plan, increasing sales volume while decreasing sales commission
  • Developed telemarketing and catalogue sales


  • Established a manufacturer rep sales force
  • Increased revenues from $1 million to $14 million
  • Conducted seminars, developed training aids, prepared advertising brochures, to define new products
  • Landed large account with IBM for data acquisition and control adapter