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1U XeonD Server


A.R.T. 1U XeonD Server – Datasheet

The 1U Xeon-D rack mount server is designed with increased performance capability. The 1U server is a cost effective, high performance, and light- weight solution with ruggedization capabilities.


1U Workstation


A.R.T. 1U Workstation – Datasheet

The ART 1U Core-i7 rack mount workstation is designed with increased performance capability. The 1U workstation is a cost effective and space intensive solution with ruggedization capabilities.


CIRRUS-High Density Computer


A.R.T. CIRRUS-High Density Computer – Datasheet

The ART CIRRUS-HDC is a high density computing platform that provides a modular open systems approach with the adoption of the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA).


ATCA-8310 AdvancedTCA DSP Blade

Artesyn ATCA-8310 AdvancedTCA DSP Blade

Artesyn ATCA-8310 – Datasheet

The ATCA-8310 from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a state-of-the-art AdvancedTCA® DSP/Media Processing platform designed to provide power-efficient, high-density voice and video transcoding functions.


SharpStreamer™ Pro PCIe-7210


Artesyn PCIe-7210 – Datasheet

The Artesyn SharpStreamer™ Pro PCIe-7210 high performance video accelerator enables service provider networks to offer HEVC video transcoding services quickly and dynamically.


MaxCore™ Platform

Artesyn MaxCore™ Platform

Artesyn MaxCore™ Platform – Datasheet

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density.


MaXum 400 6-Slot Chassis

ASIS MaXum 400 6-Slot Chassis

ASIS MaXum 400 – Datasheet

MaXum 400 6-Slot is the world’s first mid-sized chassis to offer high-powered front-to-back cooling. Designed for NEBS/ETSI compliance, MaXum 400 6-Slot can be used in carrier-grade environments, offering outstanding cooling capacity of 375W per slot.


ATCA® CO14N 14-slot chassis AC

COMTEL ATCA CO14N 14-slot Chassis AC

Comtel Website

The Comtel AdvancedTCA® CO14N 14-slot chassis, AC version suits most of the applications in the field. Its proven cooling and power architecture has been aided by a split backplane technology that allows to upgrade the signal backplane to the latest generation without any effort.


Black Series SATA Flash SSD

Memkor Black

Memkor Black – Datasheet

Memkor Black Series SSDs provide exceptional resilience to the most challenging shock and vibration levels well beyond those required by the most stringent cases of the MIL-STD-810F/G standard. With the capacity ranging from 32GB to 1024GB using highest quality SLC NAND, as well as features such Data Elimination, the Black Series considerably expands deployment flexibility.


White Series SCSI Flash SSD

Memkor White

Memkor White – Datasheet

Memkor White Series SCSI SSD is the best replacement for legacy SCSI mechanical disks. Memkor provides most reliable industrial grade solid state flash disks, the drop-in replacement for mechanical hard drives.


Orange Series Flash SSD

Memkor Orange Seriese SSD

Memkor Orange – Datasheet

Memkor Orange Series consists of a broad range of SSD solutions designed as drop-in replacements for traditional mechanical SATA 1.8”, 2.5” and 3.5” drives, as well as newer standards such as mSATA (MO-300B), M.2 (formerly NGFF), or MO-276 SSD in Chip (SSDiC).


Miltech Military-Grade Ethernet


Milsource – Line Card

Milsource products and solutions, designed for rugged and unique situations involving extreme conditions, provide the innovativeness and flexibility essential to meet the needs and requirements of these demanding sectors.