Klondike2020™ Platform

The Middle Canyon Klondike2020™ 20 Slot PCIe Chassis features the highest density, smallest footprint in the world today. The Klondike2020 is especially useful in the fields of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and storage applications. It is tailored to deliver speedy results for high workloads generated by Big Data and Analytics, Control & Signal Processing, and Cyber Security. Middle Canyon harnesses our deep industry knowledge to develop products that best suit our customers’ extreme needs.

This platform suits Afloat, Airborne, Expeditionary and Commercial/Data center applications. Its SWaP architecture makes for most efficient use of space. The system memory can be configured as memory, storage or both. Comes fully configured for your application, or you can build up your own platforms. With the Klondike2020, there is no need to buy expansion PCIe chassis or servers; you get it all in one small, powerful package.


  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Five Pillars

  • Memory Density
  • Processing Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • SWaP Reduction
  • Cost Savings

20 PCIe Slots

  • Gen 3 x 16 lanes
  • Network Adapters
  • Up to 700TB NVMe Storage in 4U
  • GPUs
  • FPGA / DSP
  • Variable configurations

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Model Klondike2020™
GPUs 20 single slot GPUs, NVMe storage & I/O cards or 10 dual slot GPUs*
CPU Dual Intel Skylake Xeon® Silver 4019T 2.0 – 3.0GHz or Gold 5120T 2.2 – 3.2GHz
Maximum Power Requirements 4x 2,000 watt N+1 hot swap power supplies, 8,000 watts total
System Memory from 64G DDR4 to 24TBs of DDR4 type NVMe flash
Storage 2 x 2.5″ SSD space
Network Dual 10 GbE, 4 IB EDR, Infiniband / 100G with added I/O Ethernet card
Software Windows or Linux
System Dimensions 20″ D x 17.5″ W x 4U H [508mm D x 444mm W x 131mm H]
Operating Temperature Range 50° – 95°F [10 – 35 °C]
* Extra power is supplied from the backplane via 8 or 6 pin short cable. Each slot has its own external power.

System Weight

Chassis (with 3 fan units and CPU)
Weight (lbs) Weight w/o packaging Weight with packaging
1 PSU 40.67 46.44 56.27
2 PSUs 43.16 48.93 58.76
4 PSUs 48.12 53.89 63.72

Middle Canyon Klondike2020™ Platform Interior

Technical Diagrams

Klondike2020™ Architecture

Klondike2020™: Standalone


Klondike2020™: GPUdirect (similar to NVLink)


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Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks in Finance
  • Image Recognition
  • Predicting Vulnerability Exploitation


  • NVMe
  • Blending NVMe with GPUs
  • Best flash utilization

Cyber / Security

  • Detect anomalous behavior in network traffic to identify vulnerabilities
  • Analyze data-in-motion and at rest can help find new associations or uncover patterns and facts
  • Analyze internet, smart devices, and social media data to prevent criminal threats
  • Disrupt planned cyber and criminal activities

Speech Recognition

  • GPU-accelerated deep learning recognizes words as well as people do
  • Reduced language model training times

Oil and Gas

  • Manage, visualize and optimize exploration and production operations
  • Determine drilling and completion of wells
  • Predictive and reduce down-hole failures


  • Analyze clinical trials, cross-trials, and drug compliance
  • Identify patient populations that could benefit from predictive outreach
  • Identify disease risk


  • Leverage live streaming analytics on component functionality to ensure safety, avoid failures and validate warranty claims
  • Monitor real-time data feeds from laboratory and production-line machinery to identify catastrophic events and generate notification
  • Predict maintenance and monitor conditions

Ad Tech

  • Assess inventory availability
  • Optimize campaign management and conversion
  • Analyze campaign performance

Artificial Intelligence

  • Cybersecurity Defense
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Accounting And Fintech

Video Image Processing

  • Process data streams like video, speech, image faster
  • Leverage advanced object recognition technologies to locate threats faster, safer, and more accurately i.e. for self-driving cars and interactive robots


  • High power cryptocurrency mining
  • Blockchain management

Radar Signal Processing

  • Calculate over 400K glints per second
  • Simulate systems in seconds/minutes instead of days


  • Correlate impact of economic trends and hedge funds related to portfolios
  • Campaign and conversion analysis
  • Analyze critical markets and evaluate credit worthiness


  • Real-time management of traffic patterns and congestion
  • Live monitoring of railroad conditions
  • Optimize long-haul trucking routes and load capacities


  • Correlate call records with server performance data to spot problems in real-time and build ad targeting profiles
  • Analyze intra-day billing


  • Analyze historical sales to determine geographic product demand for future inventory and store locations
  • Manage real-time supply chain for replenishment and inventory management
  • Manage ad-tech, geospatial tagging and customer preference recommendations